Time to spring clean your bedroom


As we approach Summer the days of flannelette sheets and heavy duvets are long gone.

It’s time to refresh your bedroom.

Update with subtle pastels

Pastel decorative pieces are a great way to update your bedroom with this seasons ‘it’ colour, without having to revamp the whole bedroom. Powder blue light throws for the end of the bed or musky pink pillows are a great addition to a more muted toned doona.

Pillowcases for health

Sweating while we sleep can wreak havoc on our skin. Trying a silk pillowcase can improve our skin and hair health, and provide a contrasting texture to bed linen.

Stow heavy duvets and rugs

Chunky knit throw rugs, flannelette sheets, dark duvets and fur pillows are impractical for Spring, and probably overdue for a clean. Replace them with light throws and brighter duvet covers (perhaps cream or grey to complement your pastel palette).

Spring clean the bed

October is the height of the allergy season, so it’s time to clean your sheets and pillowcases, replace outdated pillows (preferably with allergy sensitive ones) and flip your mattress. This will allow you to get longevity out of your existing linen, pillows and mattresses.

Different sense – with scent

Nothing makes us feel more refreshed and relaxed than a new candle or diffuser. Allergy sufferers and restless sleepers will benefit from adding a therapeutic scent to the bedroom. A fresh scent to complement your cleaned, updated space will make it more inviting!