Top tips for building your new home


With new land estates being developed in the Ipswich region, building a new home is a popular option over buying an established home. You can choose a design to suit your needs and create your dream home. Here are some tips to help you.

1. Start planning a year ahead.

Be aware it will take you a few months to find the right land, 6+ months to settle, and 20+ weeks to construct your new home. So start planning now.

2. Buy in a good location.

Choose land close to schools and shops, with good access to your place of work. You can always improve your home later on, but the location is fixed.

3. Choose your builder early.

Have your builder ready to start as soon as your land settles, to minimise the time you’ll be paying mortgage and rent. Allow time to find the right builder, select a house design, finalise the price, review the contract, and make all the decisions on finishes.

4. Review your contract.

Go through the contract in detail with your builder, and get a solicitor to review if you wish. It should include a cooling off period, detailed plans, warranty and insurance details, construction timeframe, payment schedule, and any variations you’ve made. Ensure PC items can be purchased for the allowed sums, in the quality you want.

5. Organise finance.

Research different lenders for a construction loan, as some require deposits up to 20%. The lender will need detailed construction plans to estimate the value of the completed house, to determine what they will lend to you.

6. Take advantage of grants.

The Queensland Government is offering an increased First Home Owners Grant of $20,000 for eligible buyers, if you sign a contract before 30 June 2018.

7. Don’t spend all your budget.

Budget for some new living room furniture to match your new décor. Allow for drapes and blinds, landscaping, driveway, letterbox, clothes line, security screens and floor coverings, if they’re not included in your contract.

8. Nurture your builder relationship.

Communicate with your builder, get regular updates on progress and visit the site often.

Take photos of any problems to show the builder, and to have a record if needed. For problems that can’t be resolved, contact the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, or the Housing Industry Association or Master Builders – if your builder is a member.

While there are many new estates in the Ripley Valley, Deebing Heights offers affordable land closer to Ipswich. The Torhaven development appeals to young families and first home buyers, drawn by the proximity of schools, shops and easy access to major transport routes. Where ever you choose to build your dream home, follow the tips above to help make the journey a pleasure. Enquire now to secure your ideal block by calling 1800 880 603 or by visiting