‘True Blue’ in Ipswich – John Williamson


It’s no exaggeration when people say John Williamson is a genuine and humble man – despite having an illustrious career in the music business over the past 47 years.

Few perfoming artists have experienced and earned the longevity of a career like John Williamson, but when you spin a yarn with him you begin to understand how he has earned so much respect from fans and fellow musicians alike.

Reflecting on his career, John admits he didn’t think he’d still be performing at this stage of his life.

“I’ve gone way past where I thought I’d be,” he said. “It’s been 47 years of performing, and it’s best to retire on top, rather than when you’re going downhill!”

However, John has no plans to slow down – just yet, anyway.

“I’m aiming for 50 years,” he said.

“I may give up the road someday soon, but not this year. There’s too many good places to go, like Ipswich.

“I’m enjoying my shows now more than ever.”

The Mallee Boy sang of high praises for Ipswich, saying it’s “always on his list” for tour destinations.

“It’s always a good audience in Ipswich,” he said. “I like the city of Ipswich, it’s got a lot of character to it.

“The iconic Queenslander buildings and such, yeah, I just like it.” For those lucky enough to have already seen John perform in Ipswich, he has now added some welcomed changes to his performance.

Since being in Ipswich last, he has added some new songs to his line-up as well as two new players, who also do vocal backing for him.

“I’ve always got new songs in my show,” he said. “I’ve now got a fiddle, piano, accordion, bass and ukulele happening behind me with only two players!”

True Blue fans will be pleased to hear that despite his extensive performing and charity commitments, John is still writing music.

“I’m writing more songs,” he said. “I now do it at my own pace, and I do it as I’m inspired.”

If you want to catch John while he’s in town, he will be performing at the Ipswich Civic Centre on Thursday, 16th February at 8:00pm, with a “meet and greet” after the show.

To avoid missing out, head over to www.ipswichciviccentre.com.au for bookings and more information!