Warm welcome to Healthy Living Ipswich


Something new and exciting has happened in LifeStyle Queensland magazine, and that is the inclusion of the fantastic Healthy Living Ipswich magazine content.

Partnering with the Ipswich Hospital Foundation, Lifestyle Queensland will now be home to Healthy Living Ipswich pages on a bi-monthly basis.

Healthy Living Ipswich has existed as Ipswich’s dedicated health promotion publication since 2014, and has always proudly offered insightful, helpful, factual and health professional content for the whole community.

At LifeStyle Queensland, we couldn’t be happier with this partnership, as the goals of the Ipswich Hospital Foundation and its Healthy Living magazine are complementary to our own goals.

The objective of Healthy Living Ipswich has always been to communicate and decode emerging health trends, offering simple ways for community to implement these health promotion initiatives in their day-to-day lives.

What do you think of the collaboration?

Let us know on our socials or drop Aislinn a line at [email protected].

We hope you enjoy this important addition to LifeStyleQ magazine.

John Armstrong
Managing Editor