What the 2018-19 Budget Means For Your Area


IPSWICH City Council has unveiled their second biggest budget, hitting residents with a 2.5% increase.

The increase, which will come at a cost of close to $50 a year for Ipswich ratepayers is significantly higher than the inflation rates of Brisbane City Council (1.7%) and Logan City Council (1.48%).

Commercial property rates will increase by 2%.

Acting Mayor Wayne Wendt described the 2018-2019 budget of $513.3 million as a “getting on with the job” budget.

“We’ve tried to do our best to ensure homeowners and residents don’t feel those [financial] pains as much as they should,” Cr Wendt said.

“Our capital items are the big ticket items in this budget, and that’s certainly not the sexy stuff – roads, rubbish and so forth.

“It includes a surplus of over $3 million dollars at the end of the financial year and many other items of course which will benefit the city and ratepayers going forward.

“Infrastructure must keep pace with our population growth. Currently we are at 210,000 and predicted to increase to 480,000 by 2036.”

However, there’s still a chance that the Ipswich Acting Mayor and Councillors won’t be around to see the budget through, after being given a second show cause notice by the State Government to respond to by Friday.

Ipswich City Council has asked the Supreme Court to overturn the show cause notice, arguing that Local Government Minister Stirling Hinchliffe does not have the jurisdiction to dismiss or suspend council.

Cr Wendt believes Ipswich residents are still supporting the local Council, despite the fact that 15 people affiliated with the Ipswich City Council are facing a total of 66 charges from the CCC’s inquest.

“We do want to see a result,” he said.

“We have around 80% of support from the public, it’s enormous support out there.

“Unfortunately, there is a vocal minority which are very, very skilled at what they do and that’s distracted a lot of people from what they should be doing.”


At a Glance: $104.5 million total capital works
$25.3 million for road, bridges, kerb and channel, gravel roads
$13.4 million for parks, sport and natural environment
$1.3 million on improvements for Ipswich Civic Centre, Ipswich Art Gallery and libraries.

Major Projects and Initiatives Per Division:
Division 1:
$1.03 million for kerbing and channeling improvements in Preece Lane and Scott Street, Camira
$325,000 for the detailed design for the upgrade of Springfield Greenbank Arterial
$330,000 for the detailed design for a future upgrade of Springfield Parkway

Division 2: $740,000 for kerb and channel works in Gailes
$250,000 for safety measures on Brisbane Terrace, Goodna
$182,00 for future four lane upgrade between Kruger Parade roundabout and Keidges Road, Redbank Plains

Division 3: $920,000 for kerb and channel works on Old Ipswich Road, Riverview between Duncan and Tessman Streets
$117,000 for improvements to White Rock Spring Mountain Conservation

Division 4: $350,000 for irrigation at Ebbw Vale Memorial Park
$220,000 for a new toilet block at Castle Hill Blackstone Reserve
$250,000 for Safe City CCTV expansion along Brisbane Road, from Byrne Street Bundamba to Ebbw Vale
$125,000 for new traffic signals at Mary and William streets, Blackstone

Division 5: $1,000,000 for the ongoing preservation and restoration of the Woollen Mills site, North Ipswich
$605,000 for kerb and channel at Basin Pocket
$340,000 for improvements at Tivoli Sporting Complex
$250,000 for a self-service book kiosk at Karalee

Division 6: $1,050,000 for a bikeway linking Brisbane Valley Rail Trail to Diamantina Boulevard
$792,000 for kerb and channel at Greasley Street, Tivoli
$700,000 for Brassall Bikeway Stage 5
$39,000 for street treet planting in Holdsworth Road (between Waterworks Road and Connors Street)

Division 7: $2,100,000 for the upgrade of Brisbane Street, West Ipswich
$1,700,000 for the realignment of Marsden Parade, Ipswich
$925,000 for new traffic signals at Grange Road and Robertson Road
$600,000 for the delivery of a bikeway along Omar Street, West Ipswich

Division 8: $5,896,000 for the upgrade of Old Toowoomba Road
$1,900,000 for the Small Creek naturalisation at Raceview
$812,000 for kerb and channel improvements in Rowena, Albert and Lobb Streets, Churchill
$112,000 for drainage upgrade on Berry Street, Churchill

Division 9: $4,000,000 for citywide facilities at Springfield Central Sports Complex
$792,000 for kerb and channel in Cedar Road at Redbank Plains
$700,000 for upgrades to Redbank Plains Recreation Reserve
$100,000 for property acquisitions for Centenary Highway-School Road link, Swanbank

Division 10: $6,000,000 for the Rosewood Library
$852,000 for kerb and channel at Hall Street (between Belar Street and Warwick Road) Yamanto
$450,000 for sealing Ipswich Street, Grandchester