Winter Fashion – for the thrifty fashionista


Get set for Winter. Your winter fashion forecast is here – layering, accessorising and lots of denim, minus the hefty price tags. Follow these simple tips to stay on-trend and on-budget!

Layering: Sounds like a no-brainer, but layering is a great way to bring items from your summer wardrobe into your winter style. Turn a summer dress into winter fashion by layering a tee or long sleeved shirt underneath, pair with a jacket and boots like Vydia Rishie has (pictured above). You could also pair pretty camisoles with underneath layers and jeans! When the temperature warms you’ll be able to re-wear the same dresses and cami’s, minus the layering of course!

Accessorise: Rather than investing in a new winter wardrobe, purchase on-trend accessories to re-vamp your staple wardrobe items. This winter, belting is the latest craze, or try a corset belt. Invest in scarves, knee high boots or statement earrings.

Op-Shop Denim: Denim is a staple during the colder months. However, the same style, cut or wash tends to differ each year so keeping up with trend can be super exxy. This season, the baggier ‘Mum’ jean is making a come back, so trawl through your local op-shop. As for denim jackets, we all know the best denim jackets are baggy, worn and have a bit of character. Look to purchase one second hand!