Worst Christmas gift ideas


‘Tis the season for giving, but have you REALLY put thought into what your loved ones want this Christmas?

According to online classified website Gumtree, 70 per cent of Australian’s received an unwanted gift last Christmas, totalling a whopping $620 million! To stop your gift from being recycled or thrown in the bin, consider avoiding the following:

Clothing. Unless specifically asked for, clothes, shoes and lingerie are some of the most common things refunded for an array of reasons – ill-fitting, wrong size or just simply not something the recipient would ever wear.

Beauty products. Perfume and makeup are personal to the wearer so it’s easy to miss the mark.

Boring appliances. Nobody wants a new vacuum cleaner or lawn mower for Christmas.

Overly expensive gifts. Recipients often find that they’re “too fancy” to be used, and they usually end up staying in the cupboard.

Novelty gifts. They’re funny for about five seconds but usually end up in the bin by New Year’s Day.

Impractical gifts. They say it’s the thought that counts, so be sure not to gift something that the recipient can’t use – likely Grandpa won’t know how to use a PlayStation 4!

Too practical gifts. No one wants undies and socks for Christmas.

For a guide on what you really need to get your loved ones this Christmas, be sure to check out our gift guide in the December edition of Lifestyle Queensland!