Colours of the year trends in 2020

Pantone Classic Blue

New Year Real Estate Tips with Taylah Antoniolli from iThink Property

Are you one to follow the pack or do you just like having your interiors up to date? If so, here is your guide to picking a colour to plaster all over your walls this year.

Pantone Colour of the Year:
Classic Blue
Think blue jeans, blueberries and the sky at dusk. This colour will truly make an impact in your home but it also brings about calm and reassurance to the space. Because it is such a classic colour, we do not have to worry about it going out of style any time soon.

Classic Blue Living RoomDulux Predictions

Natural Fibre Living RoomGrounded
This colour palette is uncomplicated and simplistic; a 2020 take on neutrals. Try warm tones and texture to create a welcoming and happy space. Think raw materials, vintage items, timeworn textiles, and natural fibres. This is the safest colour choice to make as it is timeless and can suit most spaces. However, try not to make the space look too flat by
overdoing it on neutral colours! Remember tone and texture can play a big role in transforming a space also.


The comeback colour palette takes vintages styles and combines them with contemporary pieces for an eclectic look. Use tonal shades of blue as a backdrop to create a calming and
peaceful vibe. The bold blues alongside warm muted tones take us back to the ’80s, so have fun with your styling pieces.

We are starting to see green and nature-inspired tones more and more in interior design. This colour palette uses these zen tones to crush the city living and create a soothing calmness. Taking inspiration from Japanese styling cues, this trend combines black timber, handmade ceramics, and origami-like prints to connect colour, texture, and pattern.

Green Lounge

If you are looking for something more comforting, this is the colour trend for you! Combining rich and warm tones of red and brown, ‘Indulge’ creates a warm and vivid
sunset palette that sparks emotion in spaces designed for lingering.

Using Classic Blue
Introduce classic blue into your living room with a statement couch. This will provide a great centerpiece and will provide styling cues for the rest of the room. If you are looking to keep it simple, try incorporating classic blue in smaller accent pieces. Try cushions, table runners, books, styling pieces or even artwork. Even just a pop of blue can help transform the room and liven up an open space. If you don’t mind committing to the colour, you might opt for an accent wall or even go all out and paint a larger space. This will provide a rich but versatile look. If you are looking to take this colour to the next level some great out-of-the-box ideas are: coloured vanities, coloured kitchen cabinet and coloured wallpaper.

Happy colour hunting for your home! We hope some of these ideas have helped you plan out your interior vision for 2020.

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