Holiday time – what to pack

Dress with straw hat

Holidays are meant to be a breath of fresh air, a place to reset your mind away from the stress of work and the monotony of daily routine. Why then do we spoil it by making packing the most stressful part of it all? No longer! Keep these clever tips in mind when packing for your holiday and banish the pressure for good!

It’s tempting to think our holidays will be one long runway of daytime stylish loungewear and nights of chic party dresses, but in reality we’re more likely to panic and throw in 40 outfits and then only wear one pair of shorts the entire time. It’s time to pack smarter.


The most important thing to keep in mind is where you’re going and for how long. If you’re just flying out somewhere for a week don’t give yourself trouble by hauling a suitcase behind you.
A few days away calls for a simple carry on that should contain clothes, a bathroom & make up bag, another small bag you can use during the day and ONE pair of extra shoes if you’re feeling fancy.


No matter where you are heading these holidays, the golden rules of packing remain the same. Just like Bear Grylls you can adapt and overcome in any (outfit) situation.
Never pack more than two pairs of shoes, they’ll just weigh you down.
Invest in one wool jumper or knitwear for cooler nights, if there isn’t room for any more.
Generally, two dresses (night and day), a pair of shorts, a skirt, sandals, two tops (night and day) and a going out bag will get you by anywhere in the world.
A small bag for earrings, necklaces and jewellry that will fit in your carry on will help to diversify any outfit. Use film cannisters, and pill boxes to stop them tangling.


The roll is the tried and true technique for fitting a crazy amount in a tiny space. But if you’re taking creasable items, consider packing cubes, vacuum bags or the bundling method. Remember to pack in least to most important so that you’re not left with a pile on the floor when you arrive!


If you’re heading to a wedding or an event pack your event outfit in the carry on so if your luggage is held up you won’t be caught out.
The path to true happiness on holiday is wearing clothes that don’t smell. Keep dirty and clean clothes in separate bags.
Pack wedges over heels and runners over a second set of sandals. The best way to explore a new city is an early morning walk or run.
There is always something that catches your eye, whether it’s a print at the market, a gorgeous dress or even a shell from your favourite beach. Always leave room in your pack for treasures you’ll inevitably want to bring back.