McAully celebrates 60 years


McAully Group Smash Repairs has been in business for 60 years, demonstrating that businesses can endure and succeed in Ipswich provided they change with the times and meet the market.

Jennifer Howard, the Member for Ipswich, knows how important small businesses are to Ipswich, and was on hand to mark the occasion with a birthday cake.

“I think it’s about celebrating with those local businesses that have really stuck with Ipswich through thick and thin, and have not only survived but shone as a quality business that is widely respected by everyone,” Ms Howard said.

“This is really important when Ipswich is going through this time of transition time that we remember that there’s still a lot of generations of investment in the community – and I want to celebrate that.”

Graham McAully started as an apprentice painter in the business, owned by his father, John McAully.

“I couldn’t wait to leave school and start working in the business, then known as JA McAully & Co,” he said.
“Over the years we have built trust and concentrated on providing quality outcomes for our customers, and we have introduced technology into our work practices.”

The result is a successful business highly respected in the region.

Photo: Graham McAully and his mother Marie cut the birthday cake with the Member for Ipswich Jennifer Howard.