Top 6 tips for getting your garden through a heatwave


Choose fertiliser wisely

Use a hydrating, seaweed based liquid fertiliser high in mannitol or bettines. These fertilisers increase nutrient absorption which can otherwise be affected by high soil temperatures.

Create a moisture barrier

When mowing, set your blades higher to leave more grass, which will protect the soil from the sun. Refrain from raking the clippings, and combine with mulch after watering for extra protection.

Water carefully

Make indents in your soil where water may pool and penetrate. Water in mornings to avoid disease building humidity. If you’re going on holiday, invest in an automatic waterer or timed system.

Promote bio-diversity

Plant different but complimentary native species in your garden. They are suited to high heats and dryness of Australia and can hold water well, stop erosion and provide protection for other plants.

Provide shade

Some areas of Ipswich have been reaching temperatures of nearly forty degrees, and the plants are feeling it. Stake and prop an old white sheet and cover delicate areas like vegetable gardens during the day to deflect the worst of the rays and then remove at night.

Sacrifice the lawn

Severe water restrictions mean you need to decide where to concentrate the bulk of your watering. Focus on essentials.