Autumn Palettes


Autumn is the Goldilocks month- it’s not too hot, it’s not too cold but it’s just perfect for golden warm hues. Drawing inspiration from nature during Autumn, this season should see a welcome mat laid out for everything from ochre brown and burnt orange right through to soft dusky pinks and faded yellows. The colder mornings and warmer days also mean you can afford to layer lightly, using the heavier colours in a coat, scarf or jumper form and keeping your basics more neutral.

Here are a few tips to separate your celebration of warm colours from a house jumper and trakkies ensemble.

Early mornings can make it too tempting to slip out of the doona and into your favourite Sloppy Joe, but resist!
The chill of the morning shouldn’t mean your caught in your pyjamas by lunchtime. Think a tailored blazer, crisp trousers or jagged skirts to keep it fresh. Statement skirts in plum like the one pictured are you all need to build an outfit around. Let a strong colour like this take the lead.

If neutrals are your mainstay all year round, don’t stress You can join in the fun by adding strategic autumn pops of colour to your outfit through earrings, bags, shoes and scarfs
If your usual go to is a black work handbag, opt for a lighter colour while mixing up shapes and sizes. Alternately, if your bag is a multi-coloured muddle, try going after one bold colour or dominant shape.

Many offices are known to pump the air conditioner long after it’s due, so don’t feel that a coat is just for commuting. Make sure to pick something longer that breathes, as we haven’t quite hit Artic winter temperatures just yet.
Pairing any coat with heels and trousers is an easy way to nail business casual and can make a cold morning something to look forward to.
For a mono colour coat, keep it interesting by layering up patterns underneath through scarfs, blouses and corduroy pants.
For wildly bold outerwear, keep it simple underneath to ensure your chosen shade shines.