FIT4LIFE is changing..


Change is in the air! Ipswich Hospital Foundation Fit4Life Activities are enjoying some changes in 2019. Adjustments to classes, membership and venues will reward current IHF members and casual attendees for their loyalty and enhance the Fit4Life experience.
Stay tuned to the IHF Fit4Life Fitness Activities group for the detailed changes as they happen. Your trainers will also be a great source of information!
What will things look like from Monday 4th February:
– IHF Fit4Life classes are now $7 per session for casual attendees. Walking groups will remain unchanged at $2
– Monday Circuit will no longer be offered on the IHF Fit4Life timetable
– Membership will be increased to $21.00 per fortnight
– Introduction of IHF loyalty card for casual attendees (6th session free)