Property presentation tips with iThink Property


by Taylah Antoniolli, iThink Property

You may have cleared the clutter, tidied up the yards and polished the floorboards ready to present your property to the public, but did you know that it is often the smaller details that let you down in the presentation department?

More recently, styling or staging your home during the sale process has become the norm. Statistics show that staging your home has the potential to add 5-10 per cent to the sale price of your home. Real estate agent and home stager Amie Palmer says, “Staging your property not only helps you stand out in the crowd, but it also encourages buyers to fall in love! It is surprising how much more buyers will pay when they are emotionally invested in your product.” With the property market now in overdrive, potential buyers are looking at hundreds of properties each week, so it is extremely important to make your property stand out amongst the crowd.

Here are a few tips and tricks you can try when it comes to staging your property for sale.


Keeping the indoor colour palette and style relatively neutral will also assist in appealing to a wide range of buyers. Different people have different tastes, so it is important to factor this in when styling your property. However, it is also okay to incorporate statement pieces to grab buyers attention. When doing this, try to stick to one interior style and make it flow with the rest of the home. It is also a safe bet to stick to on-trend interior items. Amie suggests that you analyse the space and work out the best way to present to room to show off it’s best capacity. It is also important to keep it minimal as it portrays a more purposeful space.


It is always the smallest of things that get picked up by buyers. That broken doorknob, wonky floorboard or leaky tap that you have been avoiding for years may distract buyers and cost you a great offer. It is important to assess all these details in preparing your home for sale and address all problems as they arise. It will make everything much easier when the open home day does come around.


Try and eliminate personal photos, gym timetables, fridge magnets and any other personal items from your home. They tend to prevent the buyer from visualising themselves in your home. Making the space neutral and depersonalised can help the potential buyer envision themselves in the space, thus aid their interest in the home.


Interior decorating and styling not your strong point? Why not hire a professional! Home stylers and stagers can help transform any space, and show how you can work with the floorplan/layout. Styling can be beneficial at any price point, and according to Amie Palmer, “making your property well-presented never serves as a detriment. We styled a property that was on market for 6 months at $285,000 – after our styling the property sold on the 1st open home for $325,000”.

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