Invest in quality fashion



Sustainability is the word in fashion right now, and for a good reason. The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week put sustainability first and foremost while Fashion Revolution Week showcased the best buys, complete with ratings from the Ethical Fashion guide. These changes highlight a growing shift within the industry that brings the concept of sustainability in from the fringes and centres it with the big players.

It’s easy to do a double take when you look at the price of some fashion investments, but if you do the maths, you’ll see it’s truly a total bargain. Eschewing the cheap buys of fast fashion and toxic microfibers and investing in fewer quality threads doesn’t only benefit the environment and your wallet (when it’s cheap it’s so easy to buy, buy, buy), it helps you to sophisticate your style and develop your wardrobe with some solid staples.
And what better time for staples than winter! We’re talking classic wallets, favourite coats, adorable hats and adaptable dresses. Brands Bassike, Tigerlilly, Bondi Born, Lee Matthews, Elk, Cleonie Swim, Le Buns and Silk Laundry were the sustainable recommendations from MBFW 2019. Here are some top picks from these brands that will last you into the next decade.

This dress from Brisbane designer Silk Laundry is the perfect example of the gift that keeps on giving-a simple silk design that can be paired with almost anything. Silk is non-allergenic, good for your skin, durable and oh so soft.

Never overlook the humble hat, for fashion and utility. Ignore the cheapies that you’ll discard in a month and reach for the one that will never leave your crown. Invest in one lovely hat that will never let you down, like this one from Lee Matthews.
On chilly days a good quality, well fitting hat can help keep you warm, keep your hairstyle in place and help counter those westerly winds.

Wallets can be found a dime a dozen, but if you’re going to carry it around- invest in a beautiful piece. Handmade leather wallets are built to last and because of the material each carry their own swirls and curls making each one an individual piece. Splash a bit of cash on some sustainable wallet brands and you’ll find it’ll stick with you.

Popular brand Elk the Label sports a wide range of quality knitwear and this cardi is no exception. Made with a blend of merino wool and recycled polyester, the cloth is dust, allergen and micro resistant and one of the most durable materials available- plus it’s gorgeous!
This will definitely find a favourite place in your wardrobe.

Buying sustainable doesn’t mean foregoing quality and luxury, and if you choose to invest in quality pieces they will stick by you for a lifetime.