No stranger to style: Millie Bobby Brown


Millie Bobby Brown visited Australia in April this year to great acclaim, promoting her new film Godzilla: King of the Monsters, but I think we can all agree it is the return of Stranger Things this month that really has us talking all about Brown.

Bursting onto the stage at a young age, Brown has continued to stun offstage with her amazing variety of pure fashion and fun outfits.
At 15 Brown has established herself as an icon who loves to play with a wide range of styles that toe the line artfully between modern and classic and always deliver a punchy finish.
Brown’s debut at the Stranger Things opening wearing a bird printed Valentino dress proved she was no coward when it came to playing with the big names, but she continued to make designer pieces her own, adding Maddonna-esque cowboy boots with a slick Calvin Klein piece at the MTV Movie Awards in 2017 and then converse on the 2018 SAG awards red carpet (she says she loves to dance at the after parties).
Her sweet updos and effortless cool-girl aesthetic have had her compared to everyone from Audrey Hepburn to her-onscreen adopted mother Winona Ryder but it’s clear Milly is willing to define herself (and her fashion) on her own terms.
Her pieces largely consist of well put together ensembles, often a matching two piece bulked out with appropriate bling and catchy kicks, or, simpler patterns that echo eras without turning them into costumes.
Her time on the set of Stranger Things certainly has her favouring 80s high waists with breezy pantlegs and an affection for black mesh and a strong lip.
She always finishes her outfits with unpretentious hair do, letting her killer outfits do the talking.
She’s only young, but she knows her fashion and fun and we look forward to seeing this crazy kid long into the future.